My Royal Family

Pawn Board Black Royal Knight Chess Bishop White

#Queen – I’m only me because of the people I surround myself with. My friends keep me sane and I thank them every day for putting up with me. #MissCrazy #MissCrazyOverthinker #MissCrazyLifestyle #MissCrazyReviewer

#Princess – She is Blogging Vegan Goddess and the first half of my housemates – She’s the truest, kind hearted and most beautiful person I’ve met – inside and out – I know I can trust her with my life story, as much as she can trust me with her. She has mermaid hair and see the world through the same crazy eyes I do, being a princess ghost hunter, and living in a 5-story town house, surrounded by all the animals in world would be her dream. Just like me she enjoys the blogging lifestyle and can do it a million times better, so check her out here. #BetterMoralsThanMe

#Prince – He is a Photographer God, okay, now don’t get too big headed there, and the second half of my housemates – He is the best photographer of all times and if you don’t believe me check out his website here. He is the most helpful person you’ll ever find. He’s tech savvy and even though he puts up wonky shelves he knows a thing or two about being creative. He’s always up for a challenge, and even though I enjoy winding him up, I know I can trust him, as much as he can trust me. He makes damn good cocktails too! #BrotherForLife

#Duke – He is my little hipster bean, but he wouldn’t want you calling him one…you know in true hipster fashion. He has a beard for days, and when he shaves it off, it’s back within an hour. He pictures the world in a completely different way than we do, but I’ve known him the longest and he’s always up for a good adventure…that is when we can get him out of bed! He’s a modern-day pirate and he isn’t one to sit around and follow the rules of conventional life, but when you can get hold of him, he’ll drop everything he’s doing to be there for his friends. #RumAndWackyBackie

#Marquess – He is my favourite “Forget Me” shot – he takes the saying ‘he’d forget his head if it weren’t screwed on’ to a whole new level…and he’d sure be walking around without a head a lot. He might be short, but he’s got the biggest personally I know. He doesn’t care what people think and lives his life the best way anybody could, usually with a drink in each hand. He doesn’t judge, and he accepts everyone for who they are. He’s the kind of person that would walk miles for you, just to make sure you we’re having a good day! #SingingOurOwnThemeSongs

#Earl – He is an Xbox Boss – If there is a game worth playing, he’s played it, and more often than not, he’ll be the best at it. Next to his family, his friends are the most important thing to him, food and a good milkshake are not far behind. When he’s not playing games, or being stubborn, he is watching non-stop movies and TV shows, and we sure do think we can sing a good tune on our many car rides. #LastChristmasAllYearAround