Mind Your Positivity

💙 “Not all those who wander are lost" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien 💙

About me


***WARNING! This site contains very strong language***

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t do something? That it’s pointless, it is unneeded or a waste of time and effort. Do you think the person that created the first movie, the first computer was told the same thing? Did you know J. K. Rowling was turned down 12 times before she was published!

Well, here’s my point, and the reason to why you should join me on my journey,

I decided a long time ago, that I was done listening to people who thought it was their need and right to tell me what to do. I have stopped allowing people to hold me back, people that have no clue what I, or you, do.

It is time to take control of your life; because at the end of the day, it does belong to you.

Together we will fight every simple day, level of mental health and inner struggles.

So, grab your battle gear, and we will do it with all the sass and strength we all have within us; because if you’re reading this, you are already stronger than you think you are.

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