Happy Birthday to me!

It was the big 30 this weekend and I celebrated it in the typical lock-down style, I am pretty sure most of us have had to do this year. My housemates Karl and Steph went all out decorating the house, making it look perfect, and we were joined in the garden for some games and drinks with Ryan and Jonny.

We played Shit Happens, Cards against Muggles and a murder mystery game. We had a laugh, making new memories and talking about good times. We danced, we sang and we got Hella drunk.

Due to all the lock-down-ness, we have decided to wait until next year to really celebrate, but it was still such an epic chilled night; I am truly not disappointed.

I was a very spoiled girl, and Karl and Steph gave me my gifts in scavenger hunt style. They were not kind with the clues and I spent a good chunk of the evening running around the house to find them all. The big present resulted in me receiving a spa day, which I cannot wait to use!! Steph and I are constantly looking through the broacher, but just like everything this year; we are putting it on hold, until we can get the full benefits of the packages.

This week I’m off and last Friday was very bittersweet for me. Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday with the beautiful team I ran, I also had to say goodbye to them. Not moving job, just moving on. I’m looking forward to the new adventures ahead, change is good, but I will definitely miss all the astonishing people I got to work with. I will of course see them around the building, but it won’t be the same.

This week it is going to be spent relaxing, I also received lot’s of pamper gifts including face-masks and bath bombs, which is just perfectly themed for my time off.

I’ve planned a very self care packed week where I’m going to spend it organising, and getting prepared for the future too. I’m actively looking into ways to focus on that. Things I could be doing and things I could be personally improving on.

Saving is my biggest goal for the rest of the year. I want to get some more work done on my car, but I also want to look into some holidays, one which will be Birthday influenced of course.

I want to be more active and more adventurous. I want to visit and see places. Do things. Now I’m 30 I’ve decided I really want to start living my life, surrounded by the people I love.

Thinking about the future can be scary and by this time, I thought I would have had a lot more things on track. I’m not worried and nor do I regret where my life is at, but I know I could be achieving and doing a lot more.

I’m excited for the weeks, months and years ahead, and I’m finally in such a super awesome place.

Nothing or no one is going to hold me back.

I know there has been a lot of judgement, comments and criticism with how I live my life and what I choose to do in my spare time recently. Which anyone who does anything out of the norm knows; these types of people are going to be in your life and you are just not going to escape from them easily.

The world is judgemental y’all!

But here some advice. Do what makes you happy no matter what any other fucker thinks. If you enjoy it; go for it.

I haven’t got a clue why people who claim to not like someone, are still checking up on them. If you feel the need to stalk someone you hate. Please just stop. This is not healthy. This is only going to upset you, and wind you up more.

If you don’t like something, just don’t fucking look at it. Block, delete and do whatever it takes to get negative thoughts out of your mind.

I enjoy my blogging, I enjoy my Instagram and finding positive and intriguing things to write and talk about. I love what I do, and I really couldn’t give a fuck if people don’t, because they shouldn’t be up and all in my business.

I know I keep saying it, but I really have changed so much over the last year. I am not the person I used to be. I don’t regret the old me, it has made me the person I am today, but I am disappointed in how I used to think and feel; how I used to act.

So lets just all move on, okay! Because if you really don’t like me, but just spent the last 5 to 10 minutes reading this. Get the fuck off my page and go find a fucking hobby, Some positive, beautiful friends and an overall life, because your time could be spent working on improving your mental state. What your doing is not healthy. It’s kind of sad.

Stop worrying about what I’m doing; my life is not going to affect yours if you don’t let it.

Be happy!

You’ve got this!