Are you trying to live in the now; or do you find yourself focusing on things you can’t change or have no control over.

Do you find the need to bring up bad memories and voice painful moments from your past, present and future and sometimes sit there wondering why you are voicing these feelings out loud?

Trying to stay positive is hard when all you can do is focus on the negativity of a situation.

Life is fucking tough sometimes; but it is so important for your mental wellbeing to look for the silver lining in it.

The best way to do this, is to break your old habits and create new ones.

You need to focus on the way you voice or air these topics. Laugh a little, learn from them.

Stop being downright moody for the sake of it. Stop getting annoyed at the world around you?

What exactly are your lifestyle choices? Do you find that the world is sitting on your shoulder and you take on everyone’s emotions, which leaves no room for your own? Are you taking on these people’s feeling, for the right reasons, or just using them for an excuse to moan some more and spread a little gossip?

You need to change you approach to the world…because it is not going to do the work for you!

You cannot control the action of those around you; so why get yourself so worked up and annoyed? What is that going to do? It’s not going to change their habits; it’s only going to affect yours.

So, stop and think of the things your achieving from these situations instead.

Betrayal of a friend. Yeah okay fucking sucks this person screwed you over, but better now than another 2 years down the line.

Your car broke down. Phew, fucking things a pain the arse anyway. You probably wanted a new one; or better to break down on the side of the road, before you lost control of it, and injured yourself or someone else.

Lost a job; maybe that place wasn’t right for you, maybe your next place of employment will be better.

Things happen for a reason. In the moment it might be hard to identify these reasons; but trust me they will be there, and it is so empowering when you do work it out. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get upset or angry, but it’s about not dwelling on something and bring yourself down. It’s about changing your mindset and not allowing your body and mind to be fully affected by a situation.

Spending so much of your time and energy getting irritated is a waste. The only person your upsetting is yourself, and probably the people around you, but never the person you genuinely want to focus all that on.

These types of people are malicious, meddling, and downright dickheadish people, who genuinely have no sense or empathy. So, news flash. They don’t care they’ve upset you.

The best revenge is plastering a smile on your face and telling them where to shove it!

Control is their ultimate goal, and you need to show them, and the world, that you are the fucking kings and queens on your own life and no fucker on this earth can tell you what to think and feel.

Apart from me, I am telling you to go live your life and be fucking grateful your still alive. To enjoy the little things life can offer. If having a warm cup of coffee on a shitty Monday morning, makes you smile. Then fucking have it and smile, because you deserve to be happy, no matter how small that happiness seems. It’s yours, so enjoy it!

Every day is a new opportunity to grow, love and be loved.

So, go grab life by the balls, and enjoy every single moment of it, and be thankful for the life you have.

Or change it! Either way, sort your shit out!

You’ve got this!

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