I love being busy, I thrive off it. I love seeing other people be busy too, it keeps me motivated to do more. Lately I haven’t stopped, and this has really started to affect my mind and body, but in the end, I am thrilled that I keep going.

I genuinely don’t understand people that have no drive to do something, people that are happy and content in their lives, and who feel they have got nothing left to prove. I mean I do kind of get it, each to their own. Sometimes being happy and content is all we want from life, but to have no goals seems so foreign to me.

Doesn’t everybody want to achieve something outstanding?

On the flip side, I also don’t get people who say they want something more from life and when they are given opportunities to do so, they just reject the idea of actually doing the work. Like what did you expect, did you want it handed to you on a silver platter?

Before I became a manager, I worked my arse off to prove I could do it. I worked late. I came in early; I did the jobs of two people if I had to, to show I was not only the best at something, but I could do it better.

I pushed and pushed and pushed myself and while some days were fucking hard. I was exhausted. My mind and body beaten, it was okay, because in the end the result was worth it all.

I was always proud of what I had done, and I had done it well. Really fucking well. I could stand tall and give myself a clap on the back. I didn’t need constant praise from my peers. I had myself to do that. (Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to be thanked occasionally, but achieving something was all I ever needed).

I was brilliant at my job, I got stressed for all the right reasons. That good kind of stress where you actually feel you have completed something, and you’ve pushed yourself to get it done. The thrive of a deadline feels great, doesn’t it!

I felt good when I got home, I probably moaned some days, because of the pain it sometimes caused, but I put myself in that position. So, in the end I only had myself to blame and I never wanted to throw it all away, I was never going to give up or become lazy.

I surrounded myself with likeminded people, that in the moment got their shit done. People that could gather at the end of the day and laugh about how rough it was, and how amazing it felt to finish it.

I love the energy that a manic day can give me.

Sometimes I miss those days; of being in the trenches, but I am also grateful for all the new challenges I have had to face. My job now comes with amazing new responsibilities and why I can’t force people to push themselves to do better, I love that I get to support those who want more from life.

Who also want to prove and follow in my footsteps. Who want to work their arses off to get somewhere.

I am not here to hold someone’s hand and drag them through the mud, that’s their job to dig, but I sure as hell will give them the tools and the support they need and deserve. Let us just hope they are willing to do it.

Watching people grow is such a fulfilling experience and I’m always happy to help those who want, what I want and have in life. To be happy and satisfied with an outcome they worked to get.

Life isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be, it should be tough sometimes. If it weren’t, everyone would be doing it. Everyone would be rich, happy, and content, and no one would get to feel the satisfaction of winning!

You see, if you really set your mind to something, you can achieve anything you want, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put the work in. if you can close your eyes and go to sleep at night, knowing you have done everything you possibly could have done, and should have done today, then you’ll find a goodnight sleep is easy to come by.

We’ve got this everyone! Let’s get these goal set and achieved!

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