Yesterday I touched on this during a post I uploaded on my Instagram; how talking about all the current events in the world have been affecting my mental health, and while our mental state is so important right now, I do feel I need to express my current thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Not only are we all trying to continue the fight against COVID 19, but we now have to come face to face with an even bigger threat, one that has been taking over the world for a long time, and yes, I stand by that statement.

Racism is the biggest threat that our world faces daily. While we still have a long way to go regarding this virus, we all know that at one point this disease will disappear, as quick as it arrived. Can we say the same for racism? Well the short answer is no.

For well over 400 years we are still faced with the terrible knowledge that we are not winning the war on racism, that no matter what we do, how we protest, how we spread awareness, this is still an issue we are facing daily. The world is shockingly divided on this issue; and that in itself, is a scary thought.

While I wish this movement wouldn’t have gain so much fire during a pandemic; not because I don’t think people should be protesting, I am so proud of every one of those protesters walking the streets and speaking out for a cause that needs so much light shined upon it; but because the real issues are being lost.

I understand everyone is scared of COVID 19; but imagine having that fear every day of your life. Imagine worrying that every day one of your loved ones might not come home, just because of the colour of their skin. The fear of bruises on their cheeks, the fear that they will be pushed around, and forgotten because of the colour of their skin. The fear they might die, because of the colour of their skin!

So, while I understand that social distancing is so important right now, I also believe that it is important to keep our voices raised.

The frustration I have when I see every white privileged comment makes me want to scream. Do your fucking research. Understand the term before you comment back please because your ignorance is embarrassing.

“All lives matter bleh bleh bleh” fuck off. Again, do your research, no one, literally no one, is saying that all lives don’t matter. All everyone is asking is can we just focus on one burning house at a time. Not the one that needs a bit of work.

While I have seen some comments about changing the slogan to Black Lives Matter Too, I do not see why people need this clarification. It is not hard to understand what the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to achieve. If you do not understand, again, go do some fucking research instead of spraying your stupidity around.

We have an extremely big fight on our hands; and to be able to beat this, we need to stand together.

The first move is to educate yourself. No matter where you stand; and I mean really educate yourself. Stop listening to one side of a story. Stop listening to the news.

Start off by checking the Black Lives Matter website – https://blacklivesmatter.com/

Ease into it with film like the 2004 Crash and the 2009 Blind Side, and then move onto documentaries like the 13th on Netflix, and books.

Use YouTube and again look for the right kind of educational videos. Stop looking for hate, or something to back up a small point of your argument. Gather facts and figures. Real facts and figures not the ones that Dave from down the road has posted on his Facebook status. Let’s face it, he is an idiot. He is the kind of bloke that thinks if he shares a status on Facebook or forwards that email, he will not die in 30 days. He is also 42 and has a Tinder account. Dave doesn’t know shit.

Secondly, understand what needs to change, again start with yourself. Change your mindset, think about the comments and words you use. Think about how you judge and stereotype. One tiny change can make one hell of a difference.

Finally, share. Share awareness, share information, facts, and knowledge. Join the fight and be on the right side of history.

Take care; spread love, spread Positivity. Change the world.

Check out the link below to find ways to educate yourself.


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