Hello Lockdown, Bring it on!

Happy Sunday everyone, another weekend over, another day achieved.

Hands up who has found this lockdown a struggle!

Hands up who has found this locked down to be enlightening!

And finally, hands up who feels this locked down hasn’t changed a thing!

One way or another, you are going to fit into one of those categories, and either way you are not doing it wrong.

For me, in some respects it has been the hardest and draggiest couple of months of my life, but on the other hand it has been such an amazing and fulfilling experience.

During this time, I have been able to rebalance my life. For me, this lock down came at such the perfect time, because I needed a moment to breathe. To realign myself. It has helped me focus on selfcare, it has helped me become a more productive and more creative person. It has allowed me to love myself again; because for once, it was my time, spent my way. I have been focusing on me, myself, and I; and I could not be prouder of everything I have been achieving over the last couple of months. Only a few more weeks for it to be revealed. While things might not look that different to you, as a lot of the work has been that technical and behind the scenes boring stuff. A special launch day is on the menu, as you can see, I have already started my rebranding. (Sorry about the multiple Instagram changes, sometimes you’ve just got to bounce around a bit until you find an idea that sticks). Which has also helped me to open my mind to new ideas. My routines have kept me positive, and for the first time in months, I can finally say I am happy.

Now, if you have felt the complete opposite, and felt like you haven’t achieved anything over the course of this lockdown, that’s okay too. It is okay to not be yourself right now. To feel as if you have done less and all your goals have been put on the back burner. Right now, the world is fucked, and as much as half of us want to believe that normality is coming. Guess what…it is not! We still have a long way to go, and how we deal with that is completely our own fucking choice!

If sitting in your jammies watching Netflix is all you have on your agenda; then have at it.

If spending all your time and energy on a project is what you want to do; off you go, do it.

If you want to cry, cry.

If you want to sleep, sleep.

If you want to run; run forest run!

There is no good or bad right now.

Our mental health is so important and while we should always push ourselves every day to achieve something remarkable, it is not the ultimate goal to life during these circumstances. That is living; and if that is all you can muster your energy to do, then, good, on, fucking, you.

Don’t let someone or something else bring you down because they think you should have used your time more wisely. Breathing, eating, and being alive is achievement number one. So, do not worry about everything else right now. Being at peace with yourself. Your thoughts. That is what you can focus on. Writing that book, updating your blog, writing a new song; don’t force it, “just because you have the time”.

Some people thrive on deadlines, some people need other people around them, some people need adventure and living to create, some people need freedom.

So, if writers block and creative walls are holding you back; then don’t worry!

I can only advice you to put something in place to push yourself; but as stated. If Star Trek or Gossip girl are calling your name, then answer that call.

We are in unforeseen territory right now. We have no real battle plan arranged, we are all pretty much winging it, and we are all doing a bloody fantastic job.

So, don’t let the world, or the people within it bring you down; it’s our lives, our choices.

Focus on your mind, and the rest will follow.

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