That is my mood, the only mood that exists anymore.

All this time, and nothing to do. 7 weeks; that is how long we have been in lock down for now. 7 weeks which I have used wisely. During this time, I have organised, made routines, and cleaned out my room.

My tick lists are complete. I have nothing left to do now…

I am stuck.

You see, driving is my biggest calm. I love to get in a car, point it in a direction and go.

The most disgusting habit I have though, is that I drive and smoke, but that too, is also my calm.

I do keep trying to quit, a few days on a vape and I think I have got it, then boom, how did this rollie get in my hand.

What’s worse is, driving means I smoke one or two every hour, and if you know me, you know that I go to Scotland…a lot, the drive is an average of 7 hours, which as you can guess…not good for my health.

However, I love driving, I love finding new places, I love having people in my car, where we sing to Queen songs at the top of our lungs, laughing and just having fun as we take in all the incredible views.

I am trying to focus on the small down falls it sometimes has, and the story which comes to mind is completely Princeโ€™s fault.

So, it is a wedding day, a double weekend wedding, which you know, means a wedding shoot on the Friday and then another on the Saturday.

The lovely Prince has booked a hotel for the Friday night, so at this stage everything is on track. We packed our bags and we were off for the first shoot. The day was fine, it was fun, we danced around with the guests and we took some amazing photos.

Now this is where the fun starts, it is about 11pm so we pack the car to head to the hotel, and then Prince shouts, “I’ve forgot the battery chargers!” Well fuck!

Princess and I exchange a look of knowing. Our eyes roll and shoulders slump. Of course, he did! When does the wonderful Prince not forget something?

Still feeling wired, I feel getting home will not be too bad. Only a two- and a-bit hour drive…easy!


The story is simply summed up as road works!! Lots and lots of fucking road works.

Firstly, trying to get out the actual town, which should have only taken about 15 minutes, turned into an hour! Yes, you read that right, a bloody hour, because the diverts took us in circles, whatever turning we took, we ended up back in the same spot. So, we decided to drive in the complete opposite direction until we came out the other side of the town and hit the M1.

Finally, on the M1 it was going smooth for all of 30 minutes. Suddenly, road works again! Lanes closed, all down to 30MPH, rain, flog and tears in my eyes. Already I had been driving for an hour and half and we were no closer to home. Princess kept me busy, we talked and laughed about old times and plans we had for the year.

After two hours, I saw a sign for MK, and I knew we were not far. Prince had been sleeping since we hit the M1, Princess was forcing her eyes open, but sadly sleep won.

I was alone, but it was fine. Home was soooo close!

Then boom!! Road closed! Divert into the MK – M1 fully fucking closed!

My heart sunk and once in the main town, I was so close to just pulling up on the side of the road and crying myself to sleep. We had to travel for about half an hour following diverts through MK before it took us back out onto the M1. Princess had shot awake at this point and was trying to talk to me, I say talking, but that this point we were shouting, random stories to each other to keep us going (her dad’s balls?! – I will keep you guessing with that one).

Finally, FINALLY, we were at the turning to Northampton. I was on autopilot to our street. Prince and Princess pulled me from the car, I wobbled up the stairs to bed and hoped Prince locked up, but at that moment I could not care less. Sleep was calling my name, and I welcomed it with open arms!

I was out before my head hit the bed!

A two and bit hour drive turned into 5 long hours, after a full day of being on my feet and working a wedding.

Moral of the story; never trust Prince to remember anything, and from that day on we have continued to make him physically show us he has everything before we leave the house, and that’s exactly what we did before we hit the road for the second wedding.

Overall, my driving experiences have been incredible; even with my luck with cars, I always feel extra buzzed before a holiday as it means a long beautiful road trip to any of our destinations.

Soon as this lockdown is done, Scotland is calling my name; and maybe a trip to Wales for my 30th birthday.

I just miss driving, and going back and forth to work, just does not feel the same. I have spent most of my weekend looking at different Airbnbโ€™s and have made a long list of places we are going to visit. I cannot wait to hit the road again, (making sure Prince has everything, of course, before we go)

So, remember people; do not drive tired, and never trust a friend like Prince to ensure he has everything packed.