Do you believe in magic?

I do! I believe there is certain people that a connected to the world and see it a lot different than you or I do.

I hate how I see it sometimes. I think I see it a lot darker and colder than most, and I loathe that. Every day is a struggle to try and find the good in things, places and people. I try and find a way to pull away from negativity, but somehow it just places a chain around my neck and yanks me back down.

Even when a situation does not directly affect me, I still feel it.

It reminds me of a quote I always go back to, it’s from a tv show, but it still stands, and it goes something like this; “just because someone does something bad, it doesn’t make them a bad person”

You see, everybody loves to focus on everybody’s shit, their bad and their ugly. No one wants to let people forget or move on. Every opportunity someone gets to put another down, they take it. No one builds each other up anymore.

I hope every day for people to never feel the hurt I have been through. I hope they never experience my pain. That they never feel the sharp sting of a fist in their stomach. The feeling of being used, cheated and broken.

I strongly believe in Karma, and while it might take its time, it comes in waves. Taking out everyone in fast, gliding swoops.

Was it all worth it in the long run?

Are your sins worse than mine, I wonder what the world will do to you?

I am trying to change, to be a better person. I have distanced myself from so much, and yet people keep stopping me from moving on, they keep trying to use my past mistakes as a default setting of mine,

…it honestly sucks balls!

Why won’t people have the guts to ask for the truth? Why must they want the lies to be true? Is it because it makes their sad little life’s more enjoyable?

Is it because realistically no one actually cares for the truth? Because, let’s face it, that would take the fun out of it? Once you know two sides of a story, the story becomes a little boring doesn’t it? Because then, you can’t make up your own exciting ending anymore. You either believe one or the other, and that is the end of it? And having facts is outweighed, especially when trying to suck someone’s dick means more to you.

Never mind, that someone else’s life is none of your business. Never mind that your actions are hurting everyone around you. But mind you, give it time, they will hurt you too in the end.

Treat others how you want to be treated, is so lost on people, when they have all the power.

Well maybe it is time for the tide to change, maybe it is time to bring my own karma to the front lines.

I will grab my shield, my bow and my sword.

I will treat people exactly how they treat me, and when they fall, I will no longer be there to take their hands and pull them from the fire they created. Maybe like they did to me, I will too add gasoline to the flames, and watch the place burn. A smile placed on my lips as the glow warms my heart.

Maybe then, I will become the crazy bitch everyone thinks I am. And maybe I will wear the title like a fucking Queen.