Okay, how did February end in 0.5 seconds and January take so bloody long?!

Maybe it was because I kept busier? Or maybe it was because January was such a sucky month for me, that it felt like it was never going to end; but thank god it did.
Family, shit drama, death and someone getting much needed jail time, facing that demon was hard, but I’m so glad I can put a big chunk of it behind me…on top of everything else. All in one month. Phew, no wonder I had a break down, but as weird as all those things sound; the way in which it ended, was all worth it in the long run.

The best thing to come out of that dark shitty month was that someone that was practically a stranger to me last year, has become one of my confidants. All because she asked if I was okay, “because I didn’t look myself!” Breaking down in the corridor and opening up to this kind-hearted person was fate, I mean it properly knocked her off her feet, but she took it in her stride. She also made me lots of biscuit tea and gave me pets to stroke (BILLY!).

All the other bullshit that came along with it, seems so much less because of her. She knew what was real to me, and I bloody love her for it. She knew my story, she knew my truth, because she took the time to listen to me, to hear my voice, my words. She held my hand and hugged me close when I needed it. Now she has become one of my closest, trusted friends because she made time for me, and I made time for her! I will never forget that. I’m one lucky girl to have such fantastic people in my life.

And talking about my amazing friends, have you checked out my beautiful best mate’s newest Vlog – click here to see it now!

I already have a few things planned this year, and I need to plan a lot more too! Summer needs to hurry the fuck up already. I miss pub visits, warm evenings in the garden! Midnight walks, midnight talks!

I have a beautiful trip to Cornwall coming up, as well as a trip to Great Yarmouth. I will be going Scotland again, of course, and it’s time to start organising my 30th! Eeekk, yep, the big 3-0!
A trip to wales was on the cards, but I’m not really sure anymore, I mean it might still happen, but trying to get the original gang together these days is a nightmare. I’m still waiting on my big greasy cheeseburger’s guys! – haven’t we been trying to plan a meal since Christmas!?

I also want to change the way I see things. Law of attraction is my new goal. Okay, so it’s not necessarily new, it’s more like I need to put a full-on effort into this thing.

In summary a law of attraction lifestyle is a philosophy, where your belief is that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is where you should start.

Step one – remove the drama. Get rid of negativity. This includes thoughts, people, and places.

Step two – surround yourself with positive people. Think new.

Step three – change your thought process. Umm…okay so this is the hardest one, because our natural instinct is to be negative, but the whole point of a LOA lifestyle is to leave all that behind.

Being positive sometimes feels false, but fake it ‘til you make it baby, it’s how you look at the outcome of a situation, that’s key.

Laugh, a lot! Watch funny videos, joke around with your friends. Tell yourself that what you want will happen and stop putting doubt in your mind. Remember things happen for a reason, and sometimes we need to struggle to become strong. It’s about remembering that every situation ends, and what we learn from it is important. If you’re happy, then be happy, stop trying to look for some kind of sadness in your life. Stop creating drama where there doesn’t need to be any. Move on and let others move on too. Forgive, forget. Stop dwelling on your mistakes, stop being bothered by other people’s ones too. If the people in your life make you happy. Focus on them. Ignore everyone else. Stop stalking your ex-whatever. Stop checking up on people that give no shits about you. Stop hating people for the sake of hating people…or because someone told you not to like them. Follow your own mind. Don’t be a sheep. Be strong, be powerful. Love and be kind.

If a situation seems doomed, remove yourself from it. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. If it doesn’t work out, it’s a learning curve.

Walk around like the bad bitch you are. Because you are. Bring confidence into your life, and as always, remember; you’ve got this!