Stand with the Enemy

Fortress Middle Ages Architecture Castle Old Wall

He is deadly.

Dark, cold and full of pain. He is lost and damaged beyond repair.

He is all these things, and yet he feels no shame to use them against me, like I should feel sorry for him, that I should forgive him for the pain he has caused, because I too, am broken.

I should never have bent the knee to the King.

This alliance is cursed.

He has taken his power and uses it to make others feel weak. He has taken my anguish, my stories and made them his own.

I see the scars he bares, and yet I have no sympathy for him, because he feels no remorse when inflicting others with the same grief.

As long as he doesn’t bleed, as long as the bruises don’t show on his skin.

The lying, the cheating, the same fate that was thrusted onto him, is given now by his hands. He does so with a smile pressed against his lips.

“I’m not in the wrong” he cries. “It’s them, it’s their fault for allowing themselves to trust, anyone”

I swallow back tears as I watch him break his people surrounding him. The ones who would give their lives to protect him, to keep him safe.

Many have slipped away in the night, and I have helped them find safety outside these walls.

I hear you question why I stay?

Maybe you think I can save him, maybe you think am as foolish as everyone else.

But I know why I’m still here, my hand which sits on the helm of my dagger is twitching.

I will protect those with my life, I’m ready to sacrifice myself, as I end his. I’m ready to save the ones I love, even if their hearts will break in the process.

This is my burden to bare.

The load in which I carry.

I was brought into this world to watch over the innocent.

To see all.

To fight for those who have no fight left.

He might think he can control my actions, but they are mine to take.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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