To Be Happy.

Sexy Shy Girl Hiding Face Hands Hipster

To the Man who could never love me,

I have to hate you,

I have to write the script that makes you the villain. It’s my duty to kill your character before you end mine.

Maybe, deep down you do care, and like me, you too, are trying to fine some glimpse of hope that you can find contentment.

But it can’t be me,

And it can’t be you.

No-one will ever hold that control over me again.

Maybe I shouldn’t tease and allow myself to show I care, but I know, I can’t hurt you, I don’t compare to the ones before me, to the ones beside me and the ones you look towards.

I know I have created a fantasy.

I have planned a future where there isn’t one.

I find myself watching you and I’ve seen that you hold others in a better light.

People that deserve you, that you truly desire.

I hope you pick the right one.

The one who covers you in gold. Who holds you when the darkness surrounds you, who listens and hears your words, your dreams. Someone who protects you, loves you.

So, I ask only this of you;

Let me go…

Don’t give me hope, where there isn’t any.

Prove to me, you are the man you say you are.

Don’t fight for me, because you will not win.

I will, and have done everything in my power to push you away. A skill I have mastered and crafted over the years. A job I will never be fired from.

I’ll make you hate me too, and even though I don’t want that, it is inevitable.

You see, it’s the only life I know; to be alone.

So, I beg of you, walk away,

Please, leave me behind,

The small cracks you will create, will barely touch the surface.

I can mend this swollen mind, tired body and broken heart by myself.


The woman you can never love.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/


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