Broken Home.

Factory Abandoned Broken Windows Destruction

My throat is closing up.

My body is shutting down, and there is nothing I can do to stop this ticking clock.

The pain is laying over this house in a thick mist of doubt and anguish.

We wake, and spend the morning painting our faces on, we act as if we have found some ounce of pleasure in this broken routine.

I keep trying to call out, desperately trying to break free from this place.

We are running out of time to fix these cracks, maybe we should let the walls shatter, let them crumble at our feet.

Why must we act as if we have found peace, letting its weight push down upon us, pinning us in place.

I want to live up in the sky and see the world.

I want to rip these ropes which bind my hands behind my back, the ones which stop me pushing you away.

My wings want to spread; to find a way to express this thing they call love.

You have made me feel small.

That smirk that sits upon your lips, makes my skin crawl, it tells me that my opinion, my voice holds no meaning. Nothing.

I no longer want to do as you please, I can’t hold you together anymore.

I can’t keep walking down this blackened bricked road.

I need an escape.

I need help.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/