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That man,

The one who is surrounded by many, yet feels nothing but alone, the one who’s eyes show only worn-out thoughts.

His body is indifferent, his face holds a smile only his mouth shows, he is hoping it will hide his disgrace.

As much as I want to reach out to him, I know my voice can’t break through the clatter of this crowd. Its cries make my ears bleed.

I sit back, I take cover, I pretend his face and his mind have not taken over mine, that the faults memories of our time together do not exist.

One day we will both find serenity.

The laughs that leave our lips will no longer be false.

The paths we are meant to follow will be in our grasp; happiness, will be ours.

But for now, we are not us, you are you and I am me, and forever that is what we’ll be.


Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/