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Spider-Man: Far From Home – Movie Review.

Spider Man

Spider-Man Far From Home is finally here and I’ve only gone and seen it the day it was released, which you might see as a crazy notion, lots of people go and see a film the day it comes out, but do they see it in the 4DX screen at Cineworld in Rushden Lakes for a gifted experience! Well….my housemates and about 50 other people did see it with me, but that’s not the point! I had a fabulous time and I got to see it in style, without any spoilers!

We turned up at the cinema greeted by the smiling faces of the Cineworld staff. The atmosphere was beyond welcoming and we were given free drinks and food. We were blown away by the look and feel of the place; you knew you were standing in a Cineworld as you were surrounded by the gorgeous black and red glitter decor, and famous stunning red star, yet it all felt brand new. Which of course it was, it was Cineworld 100th store opening, and they went all out!

There were wonderful activities to take part in and everyone mingled as we eagerly waited for our film to start. We got to test out the 4DX seat before the feature film began, which at the time we didn’t know was half the experience it was going to be.

After a little socialising, we grabbed our complementary popcorn and a bottle of water before we headed for the best seats in the house, you know, those dead centre ones.

Once the film began and we had popped on our glasses, lights began to flash around us, the seats began to shake, and wind blew behind our ears, feet and into our hair. Water began to fall upon us, and the air began to fill with a range of delightful smells, bringing us right into the film.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sit through a normal 2D movie again! It felt like we were right there in the action. It was one of those experiences I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about! If you weren’t planning on heading to your local Cineworld for a 4DX film, I can honestly say, you need to rethink this decision! Book it now! You will not be disappointed!

Now onto the movie itself, which will make you laugh, cry and scream, but it will all be worth it!

Overall rating:

Spider Man Score

That’s right this film hit’s all the marks!


The film opens with Nick Fury, (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill, (Cobie Smulders) investigating what seems to be an unnatural storm event, while there, they encounter a creature, which would later be named as the Earth Elemental, by a super powered man named Quentin Beck, (Jake Gyllenhaal) who had arrived to fight it.

Back in New York, at Peter Parker’s, (Tom Holland) school, a short dedication movie for Iron Man, captain America, Black Widow and Vision was shown, the school anchors gave us a rundown of what had happened over the last couple of months, and referred to the last five years as the Blip.

It was also revealed that the school had organized a two-week summer field trip to Europe, where Peter was planning on confessing his feelings for MJ, (Zendaya).

Before the trip began Peter, disguised as Spider-Man, attended a fundraiser for the now homeless undisintegrated people of New York City, this was coordinated by his Aunt May, (Marisa Tomei).

Happy Hogan, (Jon Favreau), arrived with a large cheque from Pepper Pots, of Stark industries, and warned Peter that Fury was trying to contact him. Peter proceeded to ignore Fury’s calls, as he was not ready to face life as an Avenger without Tony Stark.

Peter return to the fundraiser, disregarding Happy’s request to not ghost Fury. However, he doesn’t last long and leaves abruptly after being harassed with questions about Iron Man, revealing that Peter was still devastated over Stark’s death.

In Venice, Italy, after Peter is able to locate the black dahlia neckless he has planned to give to MJ, he and his friends are caught in the attack by the Water Elemental. Luckily, they are all able to escape before anyone is injured and Peter, who is able to find a discarded mask to hide his face, tries to attack the creature, but is unable to defeat him until Beck arrives.

Later that night, Fury breaks into Peter’s hotel and hits Ned, (Jacob Batalon) with a tranquilizer dart and takes Peter away to his hidden headquarters. On the way there, Fury gives Peter Stark’s glasses, which were meant for his successor.

The glasses are equipped with the artificial intelligence called E.D.I.T.H., (because Tony Stark does like his acronyms), E.D.I.T.H has access to all the databases used within Stark Industries and commands a large array of weapons.

Once at the headquarters Peter is introduced to Beck, who claims the Elementals killed his family and that he comes from a different reality, introducing Peter to the Multiverses. Peter also tells him how his classmates have dubbed him Mysterio, which he begins to call himself shortly after.

Fury and Hill are very cold towards Peter after he refuses to help, opting instead to re-join his class, wanting to have a normal vacation and leave his Spider-Man persona in New York.

Unfortunately for Peter, Fury hijacks his school trip and redirects them to Prague, where the Fire Elemental is predicted to strike. Peter tries to keep his friend safe and with the help of Fury, he was able to provide them with opera tickets. Sadly, some of the students felt like the carnival sounded more fun and they sneaked off, getting caught in the crossfire as the creature appeared. Beck, with Peter’s help, is able to destroy it and keep everyone safe, as MJ watches the action from the shadows.

Peter, who now considers Beck worthy of being Stark’s successor, gives him Stark’s glasses, after which, Beck’s true intentions are shown, and his real team of fellow ex-Stark employees are revealed.

Peter finally gets his private moment with MJ, but instead of him being able to admit his feelings for her, she announces that she knows he is Spider-Man, while using a piece of debris she retrieved during the carnival battle, covered in web as proof. During this moment a shocking image shoots out from it, revealing it was actually an advanced projector, leading the two to discover that Beck was a fraud.

Peter and MJ rush back to his room, and in an awkward, but cute moment, Peter changes into his vacation Spider suit, dubbed the Black Monkey, before he rushes off to meet Fury, during which time, Beck discovers MJ took evidence of his deception and plans on taking her out.

Peter arrives to tell Fury about Beck, but he quickly learns that he has been talking to an illusion created by Beck himself.

After a short battle between Peter and Beck’s illusion, Peter is ultimately outsmarted, but not before unknowingly revealing which of his friends know of Beck’s deceit, and Peter is hit by a train resulting in him being badly injured and he falls unconscious in a train car. He awakes in a jail cell in the Netherlands, but he easily breaks out and quickly contacts Happy.

Happy comes to Peter’s aid and in a very emotional and touching exchange, Happy tells Peter that he was always meant to be Tony Starks successor. Peter proceeds to rebuild a new spider suit as Happy looks on, seeing his former boss within the kid, before putting on the good music.

Really, only Peter Parker could get away with getting AC/DC and Led Zeppelin mixed up.

Peter and Happy arrive in London and Beck, who has already started to use his illusion tech, which has now been enhanced by E.I.D.I.H, uses the Elemental; Air, to try and kill MJ, and any of the others who could reveal his secret.

Peter breaks through the illusion and it’s starts to shatter, showing the world that the Elementals destroying the cities were only bots. After a long and nail-biting battle between Peter and the Bots, Beck and he come face to face. At first it seemed as if Peter was never going to be able to defeat him, but thanks to the help of the “Peter-Tingle” he is able to stop Beck from shooting him in the face and he regains control of E.D.I.T.H, stopping the attack and saving his friends and London. Beck then dies from injury’s sustained from a misfire gunshot.

MJ, who helped protect her friends along aside Happy, runs to find a very injured Peter, jumping into his arms, unable to hide her feelings for him any longer. They share a somewhat uncomfortable first kiss, before confessing that they like each other.

Peter and his classmates then return to New York City and he begins a relationship with MJ.

In a mid-credit’s scene, Peter, disguise as Spider-Man meets MJ for a date, so he can swing her across the city, something she says, she’ll never do again. A reporter named J. Jonah Jameson of the DailyBugle.net, flashes on a screen above their heads, broadcasting doctored footage, blaming Spider-Man for the Elemental attacks which were filmed and recorded by Beck before he died. This incriminates Peter for his death and reveals he is Spider-Man.

In a post-credit’s scene, the Skrulls Talos and Soren are revealed to have been masquerading as Fury and Hill the whole time, which is also revealed to have been directed by the real Fury, who is commanding a Skrull spaceship somewhere in the universe.

Overall this film was remarkable! There is literally nothing wrong with it, the only disappointment I got from it, was that there just wasn’t enough! I want and need more now. I think Stan Lee would be very proud of how far, not only Tom as an actor has come, but the way these amazing writers, producers and directors have portrayed his marvellous creation.

The funniest moments from the film for me were the following:

·        Peter Parker nearly knocking himself out with the bell in Venice, (and the banana smacking him in the face was pretty funny too,)

·        Happy’s lines ‘how does cap do it?” and “I work WITH Spider-Man, not FOR Spider-Man”

·        The whole Netherlands jail cell scene,

·        Peter having to jump out of a school bus to take out a bot, which he had accidently sent to try and kill his classmate and the rival for MJ’s heart,

·        The Deadpool, ‘what the-“moment when his identity was revealed,

·        And let’s not forget, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

The cliff hanger of this movie has opened a huge range of possibilities and in all honesty I’m not nervous to see where they go with it. While a lot of people believed that Endgame was the end of the MCU, this outstanding film has shown we have a lot more to come, and I can’t wait to see each and every movie still to be released! Bring on more Spider-Man, bring on more Marvel!

Photos and Images: misscrazyworld

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