Spider Man

Spider-Man Far From Home is finally here and I’ve only gone and seen it the day it was released, which you might see as a crazy notion, lots of people go and see a film the day it comes out, but do they see it in the 4DX screen at Cineworld in Rushden Lakes for a gifted experience! Well….my housemates and about 50 other people did see it with me, but that’s not the point! I had a fabulous time and I got to see it in style, without any spoilers!

We turned up at the cinema greeted by the smiling faces of the Cineworld staff. The atmosphere was beyond welcoming and we were given free drinks and food. We were blown away by the look and feel of the place; you knew you were standing in a Cineworld as you were surrounded by the gorgeous black and red glitter decor, and famous stunning red star, yet it all felt brand new. Which of course it was, it was Cineworld 100th store opening, and they went all out!

There were wonderful activities to take part in and everyone mingled as we eagerly waited for our film to start. We got to test out the 4DX seat before the feature film began, which at the time we didn’t know was half the experience it was going to be.

After a little socialising, we grabbed our complementary popcorn and a bottle of water before we headed for the best seats in the house, you know, those dead centre ones.

Once the film began and we had popped on our glasses, lights began to flash around us, the seats began to shake, and wind blew behind our ears, feet and into our hair. Water began to fall upon us, and the air began to fill with a range of delightful smells, bringing us right into the film.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sit through a normal 2D movie again! It felt like we were right there in the action. It was one of those experiences I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about! If you weren’t planning on heading to your local Cineworld for a 4DX film, I can honestly say, you need to rethink this decision! Book it now! You will not be disappointed!

Now onto the movie itself, which will make you laugh, cry and scream, but it will all be worth it!


Overall this film was remarkable! There is literally nothing wrong with it, the only disappointment I got from it, was that there just wasn’t enough! I want and need more now. I think Stan Lee would be very proud of how far, not only Tom as an actor has come, but the way these amazing writers, producers and directors have portrayed his marvellous creation.

The funniest moments from the film for me were the following:

·        Peter Parker nearly knocking himself out with the bell in Venice, (and the banana smacking him in the face was pretty funny too,)

·        Happy’s lines ‘how does cap do it?” and “I work WITH Spider-Man, not FOR Spider-Man”

·        The whole Netherlands jail cell scene,

·        Peter having to jump out of a school bus to take out a bot, which he had accidently sent to try and kill his classmate and the rival for MJ’s heart,

·        The Deadpool, ‘what the-“moment when his identity was revealed,

·        And let’s not forget, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

The cliff hanger of this movie has opened a huge range of possibilities and in all honesty I’m not nervous to see where they go with it. While a lot of people believed that Endgame was the end of the MCU, this outstanding film has shown we have a lot more to come, and I can’t wait to see each and every movie still to be released! Bring on more Spider-Man, bring on more Marvel!