Paling Roll Fence Garden Wood Fence Garden Fence

My mouth is full of poison.

It drips from my lips and stings my skin.

My blood boils, my mind burns.
I feel lost in a sea of people that hold no meaning, surrounded by the ones which have demand my death.

I begged for the cure you possess, it draws me to you.

Yet you are scared to give it to me, worried that the others will find out and stab me in the chest with their wicked blades.

I fall to the floor, blood stains my hands and feet and still you can’t move towards me, to save me from this coming darkness.

You believe this is mercy; there are far worst fates you tell me.

Tears roll against my cheeks and you finally pull me up as I draw my last breath.

I go limp in your arms and the room begins to empty as the others rejoice.

You now cry out as your ribs tighten.

We will never have a life together; you can no longer have me.

Why didnโ€™t we just leave this place when I asked you to.

But now itโ€™s too late.

I’m gone, and you are alone.


Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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