I don’t hear it anymore, that sound of joy that used to fill my heart. The thunder has rolled in, the sky has blackened, and nothing can be done to stop this rain. It falls in waves; it’s roaring bass drowns out all that used to mean something to me.

I’m cold and wet, unable to move as I watch the castle crumble around me. My legs are trapped, my arms are bloody, and my chest is heavy from the weight of the place I used to call home. Only my face is free from the destruction I have caused. I can feel the heat stirring below me and I wonder if this fire will light up this broken world? Or will the ice in my veins win.

Is this my fault?

Did I bring this palace to its knees?

I prayed for freedom before, I begged for it, but the price has become too high. Who else lies in the wreckage beside me? Who else is burdened from this pain?

I’ve given up trying to move, it’s useless, my body is cracked beyond repair. Death will welcome me with open arms and maybe I will him. Is there much point in trying to survive, to push this pain from within me? Do I want to? Or should I just let the darkness engulfed me.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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