The last Skegness trip of our lives…possibly, because never say never.

While we all love Skegness, because who doesn’t, this year was our goodbye. We’ve had a lot of crazy adventures here, but it’s time to seek new land and new adventures.

Our holiday started in the only fashion it could; running late.

I had to make a pit stop at the dentist which involved getting antibiotics and being told I couldn’t drink, which wasn’t brilliant, but not the end of the world. I had other plans to relax anyway.

Once we hit the road, we picked up Marquess and then Prince decided to inform us he had forgotten something, which at first was funny because it meant that we could wind him up about it, until I got to the hotel and realised I had forgotten my phone charger and he had to save the day and lent me his spare one. After we had collected everything, we than picked up Earl and we were finally out of Northampton.

After only 3 wrong turns, a stop at Greggs and a Subway, we finally got to the hotel and booked into our rooms, an hour later than we planned, but we made it all in one piece, so we were happy.

Of course, the first place we headed was the beach, because we’d be crazy not to. Prince didn’t hesitate to take his shoes off and run down to the water as Marquess ran under a pier. Myself, Princess and Earl stayed at the top watching with amusement.

We than headed along the sea front and onto the arcades before popping into McDonald’s where we fed the birds, because we’re becoming old, and it seemed fitting. Watching a bird take a chip out of Marquess mouth was definitely a highlight of that first day.

We than headed back to the hotel, for a quick change and a moment to relax. Then it was time for a mini party, as the main reason we went was for an Army reunion. Myself, Princess, Prince and Earl than left Marquess to party the night away as we went off for a night-time beach walk before heading to the town for some chips. The first day seemed to be over too quickly and before we knew it, we were crashing in our somewhat comfy beds, and then being woke up for breakfast the next morning.

The second day started with arcade games before we spent the majority of the day enjoying the sun and warm sand as me and Marquess buried Prince alive. We took pictures and we laughed, enjoying the sea air. Watching Marquess jump butt first in the sea was pretty awesome too. We than headed back to our hotels to wash the sand off ourselves and popped down for a buffet before we headed back out again.

Another night-time beach walk was on the agender, this time we adventured further out. We relaxed and we watched the sunny sky turn into stars. We once again picked up chips as we walked back to the hotel, because it’s a seaside holiday after all, before we hit our beds in the early hours of the morning.

We woke up for the last day, feeling a little worse for wear. Our feet and backs were sore, but we filled our tummy’s with breakfast before packing our bags. Once our hotel rooms were empty and our bags were in the car, we headed off for one final walk around Skegness, taking it all in.

We wave goodbye to the beaches and then set off on the road heading home. We made another stop at Greggs and Subway and after one road closure involving a divert, we were finally home an hour later than planned, again, but as before, we all got home in one piece. 

The weekend might have been fantastic, but there is nothing better than your own bed is there?

You can check out my Vlog of the weekend here:

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I promise, it was less boring then it sounded…

Much love.


Photos: misscrazyworld