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Hello swallow face!

I was so naïve! I really was, me, thinking I could get my back tooth removed and be back at work the next day, and the pain just gone like that! Oh poor, poor little naïve me!

What’s weird is, I kind of got the same tooth removed twice, which is why I thought I would be okay, but the first time I only got the top removed, and within 24 hours I felt fine. So, the other day, when I went to get the rest of the root pulled, I was living in this little bubble thinking the healing process would take the same amount of time.

It has not. I am in pain. So much pain, that I’ve pretty much spent a week in bed, feeling sorry for myself and slightly hating life. Being productive has gone completely out the window, eating has become a chore and the constant nauseating feeling isn’t helping my mood much. The only upside to being bed bound, is that I’ve been re-watching Buffy and Angel, so that’s been a plus. I forgot how cheesely awesome it all is!

I’ve also been thinking long and hard about my life, and what I really want from it. I’ve been thinking about other people’s lives and how I affect them too, but overall, I’ve been thinking about how I effect mine.

About a month ago my Mama broke the news that she would be moving to Scotland with my Dad. As some of you know, that’s where my family are from and where my brother and his future bride also live.

At first, I was excited for her, but then came the panic and sheer worry of being on my own. I know I won’t be here completely by myself; I’ve got my wonderful friends to fall back on. But they have their own lives too, and just the thought of not having my family down here with me is just crazy!

Then came the question which has left my brain on overdrive…”will you join us?”

Ah, do I uproot my life and move it to Scotland…

Of course, I’ve always wanted to go, I’ve dreamt of living there my whole life, but I have things going on, friends, a job, a home, could I? Could I just leave it all behind?

Overall the answer came to me very easily; yes.

While it’s going to be horrible leaving everybody, it would be crazy not to take this opportunity to start a fresh. To go on new adventures. To live my life how I want to live it. To do what I want to do. To be where I want to be.

Yes, it really is going to suck to leave a job I’ve had for 9 years now. Friends who have in a way became my family. A place I call my home.

But I need to live my life and not let the fear of the unknowing stop me. My friends will come and visit. I will find another job. I will make a new home. It’s scary but it’s also exciting!

I may or may not have already been nosing at houses and jobs, just to help with the planning of course.

However, this doesn’t mean I want to leave right away.

5 years…

That’s what I’ve given myself. To get my life in order. To focus on my career and gain as much experience as possible. To sort myself out financially.

This is going to be a long process, and it’s going to take some planning, but it is happening.

Could I move up there sooner…possibly.

Could I stay down here longer…no!

By 2024 I will be living in Scotland, and I hope this to be a fact.

Live your best lives!