Our lives are made up of many insignificant actions; and I can’t find a way to align them. I spend my time drowning in self-doubt and dread.

The pain which lives within me, breaks through my body like a thousand spikes trying to make their escape, and I scream into the air as I tried to relieve them.

I hate that my mouth bleeds, and that my mind is shattered into a million pieces. I hate that people can’t live in peace or without fear of being judged.

Why must the need for success, for money be our undoing? Is this all there is; the needing and wanting of things we can never achieve?

I hope one day we will live in a world that has been made whole again, I hope that we all find whatever it is we’ve been looking for. I hope we all make it in the end.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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