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Flashpoint – Full Series – TV Show Review



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The series might have already been concluded, but that does not mean this outstanding show is not worth your time!
Flashpoint is one of the most underrated Cop shows to have ever graced our screens. This amazing series is based on a real-life Emergency Task Force, the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This well written and beautifully cast show is shockingly brilliant and emotionally driven. I have found that the series has a powerful way of balancing out humour with serious, high intense moments. From episode one I can promise you, it will grip you and send you into a full weekend binge fest!
Action is the key to this show, the team rescue hostages, defuse bombs, talk down suicidal teens and much more, all while handling state-of-the-art weapons such as sniper rifles, flash-bang grenades and tasers. The show is very focused on the idea of family, with them constantly referring to each other as so; trust me, they are the unit you want coming to your rescue should you be the one being held hostage. Each of their gleaming personalities and different skills make the perfect combination, losing people causes such a rift in the team at times you truly feel for these characters. Each episode never feels forced or unneeded, even when the characters personal lives are used to foreshadow each case.
At this moment in time, if you have Amazon Prime (USA only, sadly), you can enjoy it for free, and if not, you will not be disappointed spending your money to check it out! Within the first season I was hooked, on not just the personal aspects of these characters but, unlike a lot of other cop shows like NCIS, where you lose interest in the focus of that episode’s storyline, you will still be invested in them solving each case, every time.
3Personally, Constable. Michelangelo “Spike” Scarlatti, (Sergio Di Zio), gorgeous brown eyes stole the show as he played the highly intelligent, bomb diffusing hero. At first his characters seemed more like a background filler, who enjoyed playing with his toys and computes, but the more the show progressed, the more we got to see this individual shine. His character was also downright loveable, and this geek with combat skills really did steal all the lady’s hearts. Of course, the moment the nation fell in love with Spike was when we watched the devastation on his face as he lost his best friend, and comedic partner Constable. Lewis “Lou” Young, (Mark Taylor). All our hearts really did break with the rest of the team as Spike tried and failed to save Lou’s life after he stepped on the landmine in the field. Lou’s death had massive impact on Spike throughout the rest of the series.
It also wasn’t hard to love Sergeant Greg Parker, (Enrico Colantoni, who I remembered for his days as Keith Mars on the television series Veronica Mars), leader of Team One, he was also Team One’s main crisis negotiator. Greg cares strongly for his team and was seen more than once to put his own career on the line to protect them. He also cared highly for the lives of the innocents and the subjects he believes just needed to be saved from themselves. The stress of the job took a massive toll on him, which caused him to be estranged from his wife and son Dean. His ex-wife had gained full custody of their son and had moved them to Dallas to get away from Greg. Dean eventually returned, but not before you saw the affects this had on his father.
Constable. Edward “Ed” Lane, later Sergeant, was the SRU tactical leader in the field, even though he has been trained to use lethal force when it was needed, Ed is permanently troubled with the fact he sometimes needs to take a life to save others. Ed shows us how truly strong and powerful his character was, as well as showing us some highly deep emotion during some truly shocking times. The affect the job has on Ed can be seen to sometime cause a rift in his personal life too. In season 5 Ed was forced to shoot a young girl as she tried to kill her abusive father, the team were of course cleared as they had followed protocol, but for the rest of this season, we watched as Ed struggled with that guilt.
Constable. Julianna “Jules” Callaghan, (Pink Ranger, better known as Amy Jo Johnson), was at one time, the only female to fight her way onto Team One. After being injured at the end of season one, we were introduced to Constable Donna Sabine, (Jessica Steen), who stepped into to keep her seat warm while she recovered. Later in the series we also saw another strong female character come into play, Constable Leah Kerns, (Olunike Adeliyi). Jules was a well-trained sniper, but she was more often used as a backup negotiator for Greg, or she was seen showing off her intelligence gathering skills, which are a necessary role to help properly profiled subjects for the team to make the correct tactical choice. I was a little disappointed in her overall character. While it didn’t do much to change my feelings towards the show, I felt her story had become more focused on her being a primary love interest for Constable. Samuel “Sam” Braddock, later Sergeant, (David Paetkau), than showing her as a strong skilled, and powerful asset to the team.
Sam was instantly attracted to Jules when he first showed up, while she tried to fight her feelings for him at first, ultimately, they ended up dating on and off throughout the series. When we first meet Sam, we find him annoying and self-centred, he believed that lethal force was the only solution, instead of using negotiation to resolve any situation, his transfer isn’t generally well received either, however after guidance from his fellow Team One members, he slowly, but surely becomes one of the family. His time in the military became very handy during many of the negotiation, where his highly skilled marksmanship training came into play, he was always able to think on his feet and remain calm under duress, which the team came to value.
The final member of the team worth mention is the beautiful and carefree Constable. Kevin “Wordy” James Wordsworth, later Detective, (Michael Cram). Wordy is the team’s entry tactics CQB, (close quarters combat), expert and less-lethal weapons specialist. He is ultimately a family man at heart, and even though there are other members of the team with children, Wordy’s daughters are his world. He often talks about them, not caring about the teasing from his friends and colleagues for being too-in-touch with his feminine side, in his words “[I’ll do] anything that helps me get closer to Shelly and my girls”, even if that includes watching chick flicks, in order to relate with them. He ended having to leave the team after revealing that he was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Wordy is currently a detective with the Guns and Gangs Unit and was missed by me and the members of his team the moment he walked out the door.
So, there you go team! Grab your snacks and your drinks…and some tissues, and enjoy this highly underestimate, action packed TV show!

Photos and Images: misscrazyworld

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