Unfinished Tasks

Paper Mockup White Blank Texture Background Pen

There is a burning need to complete something, my unfinished tasks lay on a dust covered shelve waiting for attention, but yet, I can’t muster the energy to move towards them.

I lay at night praying for freedom, looking for a sense of purpose, a meaning to life. I get scared that I will be known for nothing, for wanting broken dreams and failed hopes. That this is all I have; that this is all life has to offer me.

The world remains turning around me and I worry that I will run out of time to fulfil this empty void, that my mind will forever be burden.

When will these black nights end? Will these birds continue to die, the trees wilt away, and the frost burn my heart? Will I find anything to keep me warm, to love, or will this longing for something take over my soul.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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