Wire Security Fence War Barbed Winter Prison

I remember the day he took me, at the time he had more control over his awareness, but now it seems that his mind has almost faded completely as he stands here in front of me; a blank gaze covering his deep brown eyes. He didn’t know me, but I had a target on my back, and he was the one ordered to shoot it. I had too much power and they couldn’t let me live, some would say I was lucky, that back then he was able to find a way to break through the chains that held him down; to save me from death, but maybe he should have just left me to die.

They had spent years breaking him, making him forget, but somehow an action, a word, a movement I had made brought his soul back to the surface, reminding him of who he used to be. In his innocent, gentle mind, he had saved me. Unlike him, my thoughts are still here, but my body has been taken over by another. Controlled. I am stuck and forced to see the damage I inflict on others, I have no will to stop it, and he no longer even knows his own name.

Some days when I am pitted against him, I see a small glimmer of hope, a light which shines in his eyes, thankfully it’s not enough for the others to notice; but I feel it. I might be forced to act by the thoughts of others, but at least they can’t hear my heart.


They tell me he has left, that he betrayed me. I stand still, stuck in my emotionless shell, but inside my body shakes with agony. Does this mean he is dead? or am I?

They don’t speak of him again, they don’t say his name, but I can see they are worried, scare that he will come back to take revenge for what they did to him. I wonder if he would even know who I am? Or would he just see me as the enemy. Evil, and as tainted as they are.

Would he finally kill me? Complete the mission he was originally intended to fulfil?


I suddenly wake with a piercing pain in my head and push open the door in my mind; and the one that blocks my escape. I gasp for air as my body begins to warm and I look around the room curiously. I see I am now alone, again, the place is quiet, dusk and death cover my bare feet and I feel a sense of unease. I wonder how much time has passed since they left.


His face flashes on a screen in front of me, as I walk the cold streets, masking my appearance. They call him by a name he had only spoken to me once, it’s along with others which they have called heroes. I almost laugh, we were far from heroes when I knew him. We were the ones they sent to kill those who referred to themselves as such. The world is confused but they say he’s not dead, just gone. They had said this before.

Now I have a choice to make, two paths lay at my feet and I’m unsure which one to take, which one will truly lead me to my freedom…

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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