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New year, new website layout!

Firstly I hope you love the picture of myself and Marquess bring in the new year in style!

Oh yes, it’s been a year since my baby has been up and running, watching something I have built, slowly grow into something I can be proud of, has been a remarkable feeling!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but after months of trying to get my life back on track, I have finally achieved it, financially, mentally and creatively! I still have a long way to go before all my boxes are ticked, but the good news is, I’m on the right path.

My year has been a crazy one, moving in with Princess & Prince has been a ride, a great one in fact, three more months and we will have been living together for a year! A YEAR! Where has the time gone, we are all doing great, we are all comfortable, and we are all still loving it! Well I am, (hope you guys are too!)

From Halloween to Christmas to New year it’s been hectic, mostly in a fantastic way, the stuff that was shit in the middle (on my part), have finally leveled out, so no need to dwell on it! My car went bang too, which just added to my pain, but things really do happen for a reason, and yes, I might have to get the bus now…I think I sat in pee the other day, I feel violated…but it’s not the end of the world, plenty of people get a bus every day, so we’ve got this! I just need to make sure I have a car before March, with weddings and holidays coming up, I want one, and I miss driving so much!

Marquess and Duke made it around for Christmas and we got to share our love through secret Santa presents. Marquess received a broken shot glass, which of course was his best present so far, right?! The story around this, might not seem amusing on paper, but for us, it has become a running joke, probably from now, to the end of time. Last Christmas, A friend brought Marquess a beautiful revolver shaped shot glass, he then tested it with water, WATER, of all things, because he didn’t believe a full shot could fit into it, and then two seconds later another one of our friends smashed it! Its life was taken before its time and we will never forget his face! The Friend wasn’t impressed either, which just sent me, Prince, Princess and Duke into further hysterics! As I said, maybe not as amusing on paper, but it still kills us today, hence the broken shot glass this year. We just needed a repeat of his little heartbroken face. #chopsticks

This year’s plans are already afoot, we are, of course heading to Skegness again in May and Scotland in September. I will be joining Prince & Princess on their family holiday again in July, and who knows what else we will all be enjoying in-between! Either way it’s going to be breath-taking, and naturally I can’t wait to celebrate mine, Prince & Princess’s year of housemate love in April!

So, here’s wishing you all an incredible year and I hope 2019 is fabulous for you all!