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Your darkness is spreading like wildfire, it’s black and deafening, it’s cold, broken and you can’t help but throw your venom out.

You are nothing but dust, you have dried up and your bones are scarring from the pain you have inflicted on the world. You blame others for the mistakes you have taken, for the evil that leaks from your soul.

You are dead inside and all you want to do is make others feel the same way, to make them bleed from their minds.

You don’t care who you hurt, even them, you call friends, you use them and then share their truths and their lies in hopes to gain control.

When others confront you, you play the victim, you play innocents and dance around pretending you are not who we all know you are.

You call yourself a leader, but only the weak follow you, the weak you pray upon and turn into your cold-hearted zombies.

One day you will know how it truly feels to die, and you can act indifferent all you want, but we all see the despair which shakes your quivering lips.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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