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Samsung Galaxy S9 – Product Review.



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It’s been a month since I got my Galaxy S9 and I am so glad I’m finally back to the world of Samsung again! After what seemed like a painful two years of trying to navigate my iPhone, I can honestly say that android know what they are doing.

The new S9 is a thing of beauty, the design is just flawless, and at first glance you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell the difference from the S8 to the S9, but as they say, if it’s not broken! The fingerprint scanner and heart monitor are placed near the camera at the rear of the phone, which I have found to be a lot easier when unlocking it and when I am using Samsung pay, the only downside to this, is that I have found myself having to clean my lens from fingerprints more often than I would have liked.

Sound is a major feature we all look for when purchasing a new phone, and when both listening to music and taking calls, the S9 is utterly fantastic. At first the phone felt a little too large to hold in my hands with its 5.8″ screen, as I usually opt for smaller models, but all the features and quality of this dazzling phone owe up for this. Plus, it probably doesn’t help that I usually add a bulky case, to protect my phones from my accident-prone self.



This device comes in seven different colours and I chose Sunrise Gold, which just makes the finish of this marvellous devise even more pleasing.

The thing I love the most about this handset is the camera, and if taking the perfect picture is all you need from life, like me, then this phone is for you! The quality of this camera is unbelievable, with its 12MP dual-aperture rear system, sometimes it feels like I’m using a DSLR. This device also has a pro option, allowing you to apply manual settings, should you wish to do so. It also has the new AR Emoji and Super slow-mo 960fps video recording, which is always fun to play around with.

This hardware delivers a very fast and responsive user experience, making navigating the menus and opening apps incredibly easy and smooth. The 64GB of internal storage also delivers plenty of room for music, movies, games and images. I’ve never been a massive fan of using AI’s on my phone, even though I’m a huge Alexa head, but if that is your thing, Bixby is very simple and straight forward to use, but don’t expect anything too amazing from it, asking for the weather is most likely the only function I will be using it for, that is, if I don’t turn it off all together.

If you wanted to buy the S9 outright it would set you back a whooping £739, but with the features this amazing phone has to offer, it is completely worth it.



The device comes with the typical fast charger that all Samsung’s have had for the last couple of years, and they really do work, charging your handset within two hours. Pure sound tuned by AKG earphones are also included, which in themselves are amazing, a USB connector (USB type-C) and Micro USB connector.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend this phone more! It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a phone and Samsung Galaxy S9 has achieved this!

Photos and Images: misscrazyworld

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