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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Product Review.


Overall rating:


It feels like Alexa is trying to take over the world, and if I’m not wrong, she seems to be achieving it. Nearly every household you enter appears to have some form of voice activated systems, and for me, the Alexa echo’s have always been the best devices out there.

The astonishing thing about the Alexa Echo Dot’s is that they play music, answer most questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms and control smart home devices, such as TVs, speakers and smart plugs. You can control Spotify, make voice calls and even ask Alexa to tell a joke, play a game or sing a rap song, which can add to any house party amusement and entertainment.



Most of the rooms in my house are equipped with the Echo Dot 2nd Gen, which means before I shut my eyes at night, I can ask her to turn everything off without having to leave the comfort of my cosy bed. Thanks to smart plugs compatible with the Alexa, I can also ensure all other electronic devices plugged into these have been switched off too. It’s also wonderful when you live in a busy house like mine, with the remarkable ‘drop in’ feature the Dot has, you can communicate easily throughout the home; you won’t even need the same Gens to do so.

I recently purchased this 3rd Gen beauty during the black Friday sales on Amazon, for only £24.99 (usually priced at £49.99).



Using the 3.5mm output, a feature all Dot’s have in common, you can easily attach a larger speaker or connect it to a Bluetooth device, but with the 3rd Gen, it would be doubtful you would need to do this. If you are anything like me, and have them laid throughout the house, there is nothing stopping you creating an ‘Everywhere Group’ and having your music playing on several devices at once. Yet, this does show the difference in sound quality as you walk into a room with a lower Gen model.

The Alexa voice technology in this new device has an improved microphone arrangement which allows for better performance, by using four far-field mics to hear throughout the room, which is clearly noticeable.



The new design is larger and much more delightful to look at, it has a 1.6-inch speaker which is more powerful; but the one downside is, it now comes with its own connector so you can no longer just plug it straight into a USB port with a smaller plug, but the increase in sound sure does make up for this.

Overall the Echo Dot 3rd Gen is worth that extra money on the sound quality alone. Still, if you were to already own a Bluetooth or an external speaker, the 2nd Gen would do you wonders, just the same, but just remember as you are shouting for Alexa to hear you when it’s plugged into other devices, the 2nd Gen won’t pick up your voice as well as the newest Gen will.

With the sales for the new Alexa increasing over the Black Friday sales and Christmas holiday, let’s just consider, an Alexa is not just for Christmas! Scarily, I think she might actually have feelings.

 Photos and Images: misscrazyworld 

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