Would you.

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My body is broken, it doesn’t work the same way others do. I have scars and I feel pain where I shouldn’t. I’m scared, lost and heartbroken, tired and weak. I look different, I don’t act like they do. My mind doesn’t see things the same way that you see them.

Would that annoy you? That I can’t change or be better.

Would you feel ashamed to be with me, would you hide me away from the world, pretend that you didn’t know me?

Would you talk about me, laugh at my problems, call me weird and unusual, would you tell others of my secrets?

Would you worry about me, would you wonder where I was if I didn’t show up one day, would you notice if I was late or lost?

Would you ever accept me, or would you just use me and take what you wanted, before you threw me away because I didn’t live up to your expectations?

Would you be able to survive without me, would you let me comfort you, hold you when you needed it?

Would you believe me over all the liars, or would you rather be with them?

Would you ever join me, take my hand and lead me away from all my sorrow?

Would you like to feel like I do? Would you like people to make you feel this way, this afraid, this alone?

Well, would you…?

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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