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Are you happy? Really happy? The kind where you find confidence to just do what you please, without the need to worry what people think about you?

Or, do you find yourself lying, do you find yourself hiding?

Are you staying in an uncomfortable situation just to keep content, are you staying so you don’t feel so alone?

Do you wish you could escape sometimes? Run away, go?

Do you find yourself wishing someone else stood in their place? Do you wish you could leave all their fake, faceless minds behind?

Are you scared to be judged? Do you stay with them because others don’t fit in that box, your perfect thought-out box?

Do you feel you are betraying yourself? Aren’t months of being afraid better than years of misery?

Do you find yourself slowly slipping away? Turning into someone you’re not? Something you said you’d never be?

Do you really trust everyone around you? Or, do you just like the drama?

Is image, the way others see you, so important to you?

Why do you stay in such a negative place? Why do you let these people control your life?

Don’t you just want to hold the hand of someone that supports you, loves you for who you are, not this false person you try to be?

Why are you staying with these people that only use you, that keep you trapped?

Will these people be there in the end? Will they still love you when they have used up all your resources?

Aren’t you just ready to be happy? To be truly happy?

…because I am…

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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