Breaking Free.

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You make me sick!

I don’t mean in that ironic or metaphoric way, I mean you make me physically ill.

I’ve stopped living my life to suit you.

I’ve stopped caring if what I do is approved by you.

You tell me I’ve changed, What? Because I’ve just become me again, and I’ve stop listening to you.

You’ve decided who I can and can’t speak to, who I can like, who I can love, who I can even hate.

You can’t make me your perfect object anymore; this so called perfect, is just an unhealthy twisted way to live.

You can’t mould me to suit you, I will never be yours, I’m not your property to own, stop acting like I owe you something.

You are a hypocrite and you have decided that when I treat you, like you have treated me, it’s against the rules.

Whatโ€™s annoying, is that I am different; I have become paranoid and I have begun to watch what I say and do.

I loathe you, I generally hate that you have come into my life and have messed me up so much; and what’s worse is that you love it.

You feed on it, you are awful and vile and it’s crazy that people fall for it.

Friends are supposed to support each other, but you just put me down, laughing as you do it, hiding under some pretence.

You pretend it’s because you are stubborn, but in fact, it’s because you need control.

Control you no longer have over me.

You moan if I treat you different to anyone else, even though youโ€™re doing it to me.

You don’t like it when I point out your mistakes; but you shout mine, making me feel small.

Sometimes I want to scream it from the roof tops, telling everyone what a narcissistic creature you are, but I know you’ll just twist my words.

You try to say that others are turning me against you; you are trying to break me apart from them, so you can rule over me again.

Too bad I’m waking up.

You don’t know how to deal with your feelings, for people that don’t want you, so you take it out on me.

You don’t care about my story, you only care about yours, which has been built on a bed of lies.

You force emotions when I no longer show you sympathy, because I know it’s all fake.

You then go behind my back, telling everyone that I am wrong, that I hurt you, just so you can manipulate them too.

Well, they are welcome to you, I’m fed up of being your babysitter.

I feel sorry for them, because one day they’ll wake up and see you for what you are, but by then, it will be too late, they will feel just as violated by you, as I was.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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