My Allies.

Fingers Friends People Signs Group Hands Message

We live in a broken world, surrounded by sorrow and suffering we have no control over.

I have followed many shadows into the night, they burnt me with their touch, scarred me with their words, cracked my reputation in two. They have gone out of their way to destroy my mind with their lies, all without reason, just to make themselves feel less incompetent.

I used to think I was the only one scared of every dark corner, every unknown place, forgotten face and haunted house. I thought I was doomed to march the universe alone; until I found them.

Together we fight our fears, we feel safe and protected as we stand hand in hand, we are brave, strong and worthy. Our love is inseparable, it has won wars, our love tells the harshest truths when we need it, it saves us from that everlasting pain we carry each and every day.

It doesn’t matter who is wrong or right because we support one another when we need it the most, we help each other learn from our mistakes, we don’t judge, we talk and even on our worst days, when all we can think of is hate, we still show love with a depth of our hearts we never thought we had. We are sisters and brothers, we don’t need to pick a side, we hold onto hope and we never let go.

We are adventurous, we are creative, we are open-minded, honest and ambitious, we will stop at nothing to encourage one another to achieve our goals. It takes our own faiths; faiths we don’t all share, to help us believe that our love is the truest power, so when those days come, the ones that can cripple us, those days we think we have no one to walk with, to stand at our sides, we remind each other that we will always be there for one another, and we see we already have all we need; so we don’t feel so afraid anymore.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/


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