The Flood.

Wok Rain Kettle River Raindrops Flood

I take solace in the rain, it calms me, it brings me justification, it wakes me, and it makes me feel alive,

You hate the rain and it’s funny now, because you are drowning in it, while it soaks your skin with karma

I laugh and the sky rumbles around me, I enjoy the atmosphere we stand in, taking comfort knowing you are suffering the same pain you put me through,

We bonded over are similarities, but then I slowly watched you change your opinions to suit others, I saw you for the liar you are, taking shapes and forming to impress people you deemed better than me and my friends; you used us for our resources, spitting us out when you were done.

I take a long, deep breath in, smelling the fresh clean air the wind gives, I take pleasure in knowing you are running and hiding, taking cover from the thunder’s reckoning,

You need everyone to love you and care for you, because you feel as if the world doesn’t need to change; that woman must be on their knees, that men must provide, and being alone is forbidden.

The downpour covers me, taking away the stain you tried to leave there, it washes away my fears, as it grants you yours,

You never understood the mind of people who love a little different than you; you pretended to accept it, but behind their backs you turned your nose up at them,

Now the flood has come, and you are trying to cling onto the things I left behind, but you are slowly losing grip.

I have accepted my fate, I enjoy my freedom, my peace, myself and you seemed to think that makes me tragic, you tried to cure me, by making me feel more isolated, you believed this would give you some kind of unneeded power,

I never required or wanted yours, not that you had much to take anyway, the storm gives me strength, it’s fuelled by the people that love me, that act as my family, my shield; they too stay beside me in the lightning.

We stand tall and we watch as you sink beneath the water in all your lies, taking all the other betrayers with you.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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