Escape You.

Love Heart Romanticism Valentine's Day Smoke

Your shallow mind swallows you whole,

You only want to touch the pretty things, with their small insignificant feelings and thoughts,

Together you equal nothing, you have become nothing but a cliché,

You are drowning, sinking in all your darkness, your blank spaces and your empty opinions,

I’ve heard that you’ve changed, and I don’t necessarily care, I just wish you would leave me and mine alone,

I wish you’d just crawl back into that hole you used to live in, before I met you,

I feel the power you have taken from me slowly coming back, and I will not let you take that from me again!

You are vile, you are sick and twisted, and you have tried to make me feel so small; as small as your tiny unintelligent mind, which has warped so many around you,

I pity the pathetic attitude you have, your hypocritical soul,

Your disgusting laugh fills me with pity,

You are a joke; a joke no one will ever understand, because you are useless, pointless, a waste of oxygen,

What’s shocking is I don’t wish death upon you, no, death would be too easy, 

I just wish I could achieve escape from your nauseating presence.

I wait for karma to come, so it can take you to a place, the only place, which can cave your black, cold, heart.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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