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I have trouble saying words, I never say or can say the right ones when I need to, they come out a blurry mess.

When I write it’s easier, I take a moment, I think, and then I’m thank god for spell check.

Sometimes I’ll sit there and get frustrated because I know the word I want, but I can’t find them in my mind.

Obs…obsession, obviously….no, thatโ€™s not the word I want…

I turn to Google, I pray I can type enough information in, that I can find it, that I can use the right number of letters in a close enough order. Obserlet….what is this, these letters don’t look right.

Four or five times I try and get my brain to work,

Why can’t I do this!?

I try againโ€ฆ


I found it! Twenty minutes later and I’ve found the word I needed.

It’s just a straightforward word, I could have settled for a simpler word I guess, and let it hold a simpler meaning, but I don’t want to.

Words are strong.


Words are powerful!

It’s hard being a dyslexic writer, it’s painful sometimes, but in the end the hard work pays off, and it’s worth it all.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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