Sky Storm Nature Landscape Clouds Dark Moon
A loud crash rips me from my calming dream, I wake with a sudden urge to scream, not knowing what pulled me out of it.
I stand with shaken legs and move towards my window. I pull the curtain back and I cover my eyes ready to block out the blinding sun, but I only feel cold air from the open window. A deafening sound makes me jump and I open my eyes swiftly. I am greeted by the welcoming colours of black, grey and blue.
The rain has finally come, and it has washed away the false hopefulness of the sun.
It’s now clear and clean.
I take a deep breath in, taking the smell of the fresh flood with me.
It has left a small lake on the ground, the real reflection of humanity shines clearly in it, only showing the truth now.
Time seems to stand still, and I listen to the harsh sounds of falling droplets against my window and the ground below.
A sense of eeriness fills my body and it makes my stomach flutter, but yet, it is calming.
A sharp light fills the sky, but I don’t duck away from it, the light entices me, makes me lean closer to the world outside.
The thunder rumbles again and I buzz with excitement, the rain becomes heavier, the sounds of the cold air moving around me fills me with pleasure.
The lightning flashes again, and I watch the sky as it brightens up everything in its path.
The world can no longer hide from itself.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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