Thief in the Night.

Cycle Repair Biking Broken Bike Bicycle Wheel

It’s been a week since our hobby has been stolen from us. People, if you can call them that, invaded our space and took our things as their own.

They didn’t just steal something which we spent our hard-earned money on, they took our passion for what they represented.

Dirty ungrateful people!

They also didn’t just take material things, they played on our mental health, they took our security away from us, made us feel unsafe. Do these people care, do they believe we can just replace what they took, like it wouldn’t affect us? Maybe they wanted to achieve this!

I was lucky, I still have my belongings, Prince wasn’t. Two of his bikes were taking from the garage at the back of our house, stolen in a weird way, and by this, I mean, it looks like someone got in with a key. I guess this is the downside to renting, you can only protect yourself so much, as we don’t get to change and put up security in a way we’d prefer, and you never really know who lived here before.

I feel betrayed and heartbroken that someone could do this, that people like this exist in this world. I’m not scared anymore, I’m still angry, but I can go to sleep at night without worrying that someone is going to break in. We’ve had the locks changed, so this helps, but it still sucks, and I think it will play on our minds for a while.

I strongly believe in Karma, and I can’t wait for them to feel the full power of it!

Sleep easy,


Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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