A Life of Regret.

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Midnight talks that last to early hours of the morning are the best. You go through about 50 different emotions and yet when the option to do it again arises, you do it every time. You do it because when it does happen, you surround yourself with the best people in the world, you don’t just talk about the bad memories, you talk about the best ones in your life. You talk about the ones that have changed you.

Everyone says you should live a life without regret, personally I think that’s ridiculous.

You see, I regret the drinking and the lack of sleep from last night, however I definitely, don’t regret the new memories we’ve created. I don’t regret the things we’ve talked about, even when they’ve hurt me in the past. I don’t regret the closeness it brings to those who I love.

Without regret you wouldn’t learn.

I regret not finding my passion earlier in life, I regret not paying more attention at school, I regret not going back to it. I regret staying at the office job, I regret not going to university when I said I would. I regret moving out when I was 18, I regret getting into debt because of it and I regret still having some of that debt. I regret some of the old friends I once had, and I regret not keeping in touch with others. I regret not trying more things, I regret not having the guts to speak to certain people and I regret talking to others wrong. I regret the times I lied, and I regret the times I told the truth. I regret the situations I’ve put myself into and I already regret the situations that haven’t occurred yet.

But, without this regret I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I wouldn’t have found my true desire and I wouldn’t have all the experiences I now have. I wouldn’t have the friends I have, I wouldn’t have known how to appreciate the real ones. I wouldn’t have learnt the true value of money, I wouldn’t have helped the people that needed it at the time. I wouldn’t have the memories I do, even when they ended in pain, I wouldn’t have educated myself from that heartache. I wouldn’t have learnt to protect myself, to love myself, to not care what people think because I know that there just trying to mask their own suffering.

A life without regret is impossible to live, and that’s not a bad thing. 

You need to make mistakes, try new things, things that seem impossible, crazy, sometimes even dangerous. Yes, you need to be safe, but it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong once and a while. You need to eat the wrong things, you need to talk to that person and then you move on when it doesn’t work out. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to live.

We are all human!


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