My Simple Little Life.

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I see a picture in which my life should be, it’s not filled with a husband or a wife, or a huge family running around at my feet, it’s not me living in a large house, or me bring a CEO in a large boring company, it’s not me surrounding myself with money and too many material things.

It’s just simple. It’s just a decent size house, it’s living with friends, it’s going home and writing stories and taking photos, it’s having hobbies and buying old things and making them new, it cheap holidays and random day trips, and weird ideas and making money my own way.

I like the idea of a simple life. I know what people think when you say the word simple, people link it to boring, but they’re wrong, what’s wrong with a life without drama. What wrong with not wanting to stress myself out, to live in this unrealistic fantasy. You see, I don’t want drama, but I do want adventure! I want to see everything, and I want to do it in my own way and my own time.

I think people are so desperate to live up to the expectation of life, that they don’t really live it right! They rush and run around wanting everything now!

I’m 27 and people are always asking me when I’m going to settle down, like I can just click my fingers and make it happen? Firstly, I’m not a family kind of girl, or at least not yet anyway, and secondly if I was to find someone willing to put up with my crazy self, and me them, I can tell you the first thing we wouldn’t be doing is settling down! We would be seeing the world, we would be enjoying the small things, we would be living our lives!

Right now, I’m enjoying this chapter…

So, stop judging me and focus on your own lives for a change…


Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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