The Wall.

Brick Building Brick Wall Wall Brick Texture

I grit my teeth as I hear your fake laugh, again.

It stings me.

It pains me,

but its only because I pity you. A word that I know defeats you, angers you.

You’ve burnt your own house down with us inside. You saw the flames rising and you only thought to save yourself and the objects around you.

We made it out safe and sound, not that you cared.

Now we watch you live alone. You brought this on yourself, you only have yourself to blame. You go around pretending that your life is perfect, you try to make it so, shouting at us from your cold, dark hole in the ground. You tell everyone that your life is better,

but we know you…

We see your lies,

We can see your sadness

I feel sorry for you, but I wonโ€™t help you anymore. You took us for granted, you used the people I love, played them against each other, played them against me, but they saw through your smoked vail.

I do hope one day you’ll find true happiness, but it just wonโ€™t be with me.

There is a wall built between us now and I’m too busy with my own life, a life I thank you for, to ever knock it down.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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