Never Yours.

Flora Closeup Dew Wet Drop Droplet Nature Rain

My head was stuck, stuck on you, you kept me occupied. You kept me focused, but today I woke up…

I woke up and realised I don’t know you, don’t want you. You are lost, lost like me, scared like me, alone like me.

The difference is you judge, you judge me, based on looks, you hide behind a smile, a mask. You pretend that your happy and to some degree you are, but you don’t see people like me because we don’t fit your criteria.

You made me doubt myself, you made me hate myself. Good came from the pain you brought, it has allowed me to better myself, it gave me inspiration.

All you want is gold and you only saw me as silver, you made me feel that way, but today I finally saw who and what I am, I’m better than those cold shells you desire.

I am warm, I am diamond, I am platinum!

I hope you’re happy, sitting alone with all your empty trophies, on your dusty shelves.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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