Cry Human Sad Expression Sadness Eye Tear

You backed me into a corner, pinned me to a wall and held me there against my will. You wanted to feel better and bigger about yourself, you wanted to prove your strength, the strength you gained after years of making me weak. You wanted me to feel as low and unwanted as you do, as used and washed up as you are.

Now you are stubborn, and you are stuck with only the cold and nasty things that live around you, the people you let into your life because you had nothing, and nobody left.

You pushed him onto me, you made me do things I would have never done before. I let him inside of me because you convinced me it was the only way for me to mean something. I felt alone because of you. I felt unbearable pain. The words he spoke of me were like before, his dark laugh – I’m nothing they said…you said.

I now know the truth, you are nothing.

Nothing to me. You are nothing to everyone. You will continue to be used by everyone else, you will continue to be as alone as you wanted me to feel. Was it to gain power? Power I never had, nor wanted. All I had was true loyalty, true friendship and you tried to take that from me with your lies. I never spoke a word, even though I had the truth. I kept my words to myself and let the others see who you truly were.

I’m surrounded by light now, you will forever live in the darkness you have created.

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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