Let me go.

Yorkshire England Lonely House Landscape

I let the devil in and now you haunt my dreams.

You would smoke your pretty things, you would tease me with your false touches and lies. You would drink in my words and use them against me, and I would eat up yours, sacrificing my sanity in hopes to feel a small aspect of love.

When you were done with me, you left me on the floor, bruised and drowning in my own shame.

You pretended to make me forget my last. You opened me up and used that pain against me, repeating his fabrications.

What do you achieve by hurting me?

What do you achieve in seeing me cry, is it so you can laugh with the others? Is it so these people you call friends, the ones that don’t know me can make you feel even a small part of what I could have?

Why do their opinions mean so much to you? What happens when they leave you behind and you are left standing there with nobody to fall on.

What if we could have been happy, what if we could have supported each other? We could have helped each other through all our pain, instead of you adding to mine.

You made me feel alone! Why? – you knew how that felt?

Now you’ve moved on and yet, you won’t let me…

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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