The Unbreakable Truth.

Mood Sun Clouds Sky Sunset Weather Rain

The ground beneath my feet shakes so much it starts to lift in waves. The rocks and stones break apart until they become dust. The sound grows like thunder and it becomes so unbearable that I try to block out the noise with my hands


The rain starts to spit and stings as it hits my face. Slowly it starts to get heavier and begins to thud against my skin, it become so close and deep that I can’t breathe.


I start to swim gasping for air. I hear people shouting my name, yelling at me to grab onto something and get to higher ground but I can’t see them, I can’t reach them, and I’m pulled under.


I struggle to get to the surface, fighting the pull of the cold nothing, the unknown, the place where I know it won’t hurt no more, but I’m dragged by the ankles and I sink to the depths.

Giving up

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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