The Unknown Place.

Stalagmites Speleothems Cave Dragon's Lair Mallorca
It’s an opening to a cave. It’s a dark place, where no light lives. It’s a closed in space where your breath comes up short.
It’s so cold and empty that it fills you with a sense of dread.
Even though you can’t see, you don’t want to open your eyes because you don’t want to see more darkness, so you squeeze them tighter.
You want to go back, back to the light you’ve lived in for so long, back to where you know it’s safe and easy.
But you canโ€™tโ€ฆ
You take a step forward even though you don’t know if the place your going is worse, but you push that fear aside.
Your steps become heavy and your arms become weak, but you keep moving on.
The warmth hits you and you panic. It feels nice, but it’s felt nice before.
Slowly you open your eyes. It’s bright, too bright, so you take a moment to blink and let your eyes focus.
The air is warm, but the small breeze makes the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up and it steadies your breathing.
It’s new, it’s good. It’s different.
You look to your feet and your surrounded by water, but it’s clear and welcoming. It’s hard to move through at first but once you start traveling it becomes easier.
You slip on a rock and lose your balance for a moment, the rocks become larger and once again you want to move back, but you don’t.
You move up onto the rocks and your bare feet get cut, but you push beyond the pain because now you see that green place and its home.
You come to the end of the rocks and there is a drop.

At first you donโ€™t move, you ask yourself if youโ€™ll make it, if itโ€™s worth it.
You take a deep breath
And you jump…

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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