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It’s been a crazy two weeks, but we are in the new house and we have pretty much got it where we want it to be, for now anyway. Don’t get me wrong we still have miss matched furniture, but we’re got rid of all our boxes. My room is perfect too, soooo roomy. I’ve got that much room, I will need to buy more storage to fill it.

Bills of course have been the scariest bit about it, but again we’ve sorted most of it, so adult life is complete! Prince, Princess, we got this! right?!

After the first week we were already out partying to an amazing Oasis cover band called Noasis! Duke and Marquess were there too, partying it up.  If you ever get a chance to see this amazing band, DO IT! You could close your eyes and it felt as if you were actually at an Oasis concert! Plus, they bring in the best crowd! Brilliant night, brilliant atmosphere, brilliant friends.

I feel like I’m back in my limbo stage just waiting for the next big thing to happen in my life, I’m happy, which is scary. I’ve stop letting work bother me so much, so I guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hopefully it will be amazing and not the normal heart sinking, misery it usually is.

We had the first party/BBQ of the new house last night, (we really need to come up with a name for this place), lots of food, drink, laughs and all-round good times, which went well into the night, followed by a midnight walk to Freddy’s for their amazing paprika chips. The whole gang was here last night too, sadly Earl and Duke missed each other, but soon we’ll all be together in Skegness. It’s been too long, and we require some much needed Royal Family bonding time.

May your summer be as hot as mine and filled with just as much good times.