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13 sleeps to go!

We have officially become adults. How you may ask? Prince, Princess and I have brought a hoover and a washing machine. Yep, you heard me, that’s makes us official adults! Right? I can tell you I feel the pure panic of being one now, money has now left my account for grown-up reasons.

Okay, so I have done the ‘buying grown up’ stuff before, I remember when I lived with my ex and I got rather excited over buying an American style Fridge-Freezer, among other important household essentials, but for some reason everything feels a lot different this time. I think it’s because, for the first time it will be done as equals, I’m not just moving into a house, I’m moving in with them, together. It’s not theirs, it’s not mine, it’s ours.

The house itself is perfect, the location in accordance to town is perfect, I’m not 100% feeling the parking, but I just need to get over that, and remember one; my car is insured, and two; to stop being a bitch about it. Prince is going to help me find a good car camera to put my mind at ease, but who am I kidding, I lazy and poor and won’t do it, so as previously stated, let it go!

Princess and I are in full panic mode, worrying about money and the general being an adult thing. The fact that we’ve got to wait until the 21st is not helping our overthinking brains too much. I’ve packed pretty much everything now, so sitting in a bare room isn’t helping either. Next Saturday we’re going to go back to our house to measure some stuff up and see if we can get things in where we want them.

You see it’s a total mix of emotions over here, excitement, worry, panic, happiness and all that’s in between! Once the first couple of days there are done, I think it will just set my mind at ease.

I’ve started watching random shows just to keep myself busy, so I’ve turned to Agent Carter, how annoying that this got cancelled! It’s amazing! Do people not learn anything from Firefly, don’t get me wrong, Agent Carter is no Firefly, but still. This is a strong independent woman TV show and I’m outraged that it was cancelled. P.S Agent Carter is Captain America’s true love and it hurts me! But I do love Daniel Sousa.

I have also finished my NVQ! Yes, I have a lot going on at the moment, I still have my exam to go, but all the prep work has been done for it and all my units are completed! #danceparty

So, we’re four months into the new year, and I can tell you, it’s been a crazy ride!

Only more adventures to come…