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I am sooooo stupid when it comes to money. The amount of Amazon delivery parcels that turn up on my door, with stuff I really don’t need, is ridiculous, so now with the amazing news we received today, I have to stop.

We got a house! We get the keys on 21st of April and I’ll tell you all about it later! Which means we have 25 days to pack, and we get an extra month to save, YES, because as I’ve stated, I’m a terrible at saving!

I’ve moved out a couple time before, the first time was with my boyfriend (of course he’s my ex now, obviously,) we got lucky in the sense his dad owned a house and gave it to us. Rent was cheapish, but we learnt the hard way about bills, his dad had it all covered mind you, and explained everything we needed to know. But, like, don’t move out when you’re 18 and have no savings, that’s just common sense, right? I sadly didn’t have it at the time. Debt became my friend, loans, overdrafts and credit cards took over my life. Still paying for them now, in the literal and figurative sense, the other times I weren’t too smart either, but this time is going to be a million times better.

The next move is going to be a bit scarier. Luckily there is going to be three of us, so bills are going to be rather cheap, about £400 each a month to cover everything. This is going to be Prince & Princess’s first time moving out, so it’s going to be an amazing experience for them.

So, am I nervous? Of course, but have we ‘got this’? Absolutely!

I am really looking forward to it though, and these two people are a big part of my life.

If you are going to move in with anyone you need to ensure you’ve laid down basic ground rules, contracts & agreements are a must, even down to inventory.

On top of that, the whole thing is going to be tense, so we are going to have talk nights and make sure we discuss everything. Basically, don’t turn into little bitches about it!

This year is going to be crazy, we are entering a world of happiness and fun, there is some life changing events coming into our world, as well as fun and road trips.

Lots more love and laughter, here we come!