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Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…

I don’t know if I fucked up, or if I did what needed to be done…

I think it doesn’t help that I’m kind of in limbo at the moment, just waiting around for the other shoe to drop, or for something just to happen. Next month is moving month, or hopefully moving month if we can even find a place. This whole thing is making me nervous, don’t know why, it’s just my brain, once again, overworking and overthinking. Money is the biggest worry of course, but I’m also slightly worried about the tension it might cause too.

I’ve been friends with Prince & Princess for about a year now, I’m not worried in that sense because it honestly feels like we’ve been friends for years. Sometimes I feel like there wasn’t a time before, like when I think of events 5 years ago, it honestly makes no sense that these people weren’t there. So, as I am writing this, I know we’ll be okay!

Moving in with anybody, be it a partner, family or friends, there is going to be tension.

The good thing is, with us feeling like we’ve been friends for years, I know we can talk about anything, but you know, scary times…

Right now, it’s just about trying to find the perfect place. Of course, it’s never going to be 100% perfect, and we all need to accept that. We are thinking of the basics of what we want. We need two decent size bedrooms, both need to be double, we want a garden and the place needs a bath, for us that’s a must, how else will we enjoy our bath bomb obsessions. Decent parking is preferred for me, but not a ‘biggy’ if we’re close to town. I do need to know where my car is, and the better the parking, the better the car insurance will be, but I’m happy to be a little more flexible with this….to a point! Location, as I said, close to town, but there are certain streets and areas which are big no no’s for us, obviously.

We’ve looked at five different places today and they just didn’t work for us. 1st was too small, 2nd was perfect, location was brilliant, but the 2nd bedroom needed to be bigger, and it did need a lot of cleaning up. 3rd was a terrible location, 4th was perfect in size and location, but it was horrible inside, in the sense that there was mould! Which has truly bummed us out. We had two options, one, we get it at a cheap price and hope the landlord fixes it or we wait for them the fix it and they knock the price up…phew! Pain. Finally, the 5th was perfect in size, but the location just wasn’t for us, it needed to be closer to town, and this had more of a family feel to it.

So, first day of house hunting is done. We’re not stupid, we know it’s not going to be as easier as finding one on the first day, it’s just all part of the fun. We’ve already found some to see next week, so,

We’ve got this!