The Dark Place.

Window Wet Dark Raindrops Rain

I look to the corner of my room and the shadow stares back at me, taunting me. It covers the curtains, black, it sits at the foot of my bed, I feel the heat from it, and it starts to burn my toes.

I hear it in my head as a loud high-pitched buzz, even though it never speaks. No one else hears it. It’s so loud. Why hasn’t anybody come to see? Why has no one come to check what this deafening sound is? Is it because I’m the only one that can hear it? It sends pain waves to my temples and I press my hands to the sides of my head, hoping it would melt the pain away. My heart starts to race and my whole body starts to shake. I have no control. I want control.

It moves now, growing, the light in my room dims and it sits above me, coating my ceiling. Its sharp teeth begin to glow red with blood stains. My blood. It has taken many chunks of flesh before. My flesh.

I close my eyes, trying to switch off the fear. Pushing it away. Breathe, I hear a pointless statement which holds no meaning for me. Sets no mind at ease. Protects no one.

Something hits my lips and I spit out the poison it places there. I don’t want to fear it anymore. I don’t want the words it makes me say. I cough, trying to fight it away but its fingers have entered my mouth, clutching at my tongue. I hate what I say, I hate the harmful words it makes me say to those who can’t hear me. I don’t mean them, I’m scared. I push.

I try to ignore the feeling of dread it gives me, but I know it’s too late. I’m going.

The feeling of loneliness. I feel the emptiness. I feel cold.

It engulfs me, strangling me, taking my breath away. It’s on me now pressing down. Suffocating.

I open my eyes now, terror sets in, but I still see nothing.  I can’t see. I can’t see.

Nothing left, no escape. No fight left. Nothing.

I breathe it in, accepting it. Giving up.

It takes over me and I push it down deep inside my soul. I black it all out.

I smile. I hide. It won.

Deep inside I wait for the light to extinguish it; knowing no one will see me…

I now live beneath it

Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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