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Why on earth do I leave everything to the last minute…

‘Living with responsibility can make us stronger and more action-oriented individuals’, or, it can just leave us completely stressed out and slightly fucked up. Yep, going with the last one.

Stress is a six-letter word that is a day-to-day headliner in my life right now, but in spite of all my own ongoing life challenges I decided to join my amazing friends on the Northampton Hope Centre Big-Sleep out. Yes, you heard that right, in the dead cold of January I slept on the streets of Northampton…

…okay, that’s not completely true, the awesome Northampton Cobblers ground leant us their car park and toilets. Princess, Prince, Duke and I have stepped up and volunteered to do a sponsored sleep-out to raise money for the homeless.

I’ve never found anything more challenging in my life. I have never been as cold as I was that night in my life. It started with “It’s gonna be fine! It’s quite toasty right now” to I NEED MORE AROUND MY FEET! It was a miserable night, we barely got any sleep, but I had fantastic company, and of course, it was for a great cause!

So, here are the facts; there are around 550 people living, just in my hometown of Northampton, without a place to call their own. How many of them do you think had the warmth that we had from our sleeping bags and blankets, and had the safety and toilets facilities we had?

Northampton Hope Centre need your help to continue to do what they do. So, please give what you can. If you’re not from my amazing hometown, please contact me and I will be happy to find centres in your local areas.

Keep safe everyone, and keep in mind of those who spend every night on our streets, and after you think about them, don’t forget to support, because remember it could happen to anyone!